Oceanlight Yoga

Oceanlight Yoga is here to bring a sense of lightness and joy to your body, heart and mind!  


We are here for you regardless of age, health and flexibility.  Our Yoga is about creating space  and freedom within your unique body.


What makes our Yoga special is that it's less about 'doing it right' or the shapes you make and more about how we can help you feel open and free from the inside out.  


"I forget I'm inhabiting a physical form and just

glide through the class.  It is a beautiful transcendence

into utter bliss, I can't rate you highly enough.

Only downside is savasana always seems to come too soon!!!" Jeanette


Our approach is one that values and encourages everyone just as you are on this given day.


How will this benefit you?

With regular practice (just one class a week will make a difference), you will smooth out long-held tight spots, improve your posture, gain strength, poise and a sense of enjoying your body - which for many people spreads out to a deeper enjoyment of life.  


"Hi Julia, just to say how much I'm enjoying the classes!  

Love your style of teaching and the challenges you give us,

and encouragement to be better. Thank you."  Rachael


Class members often report better sleep, reduced stress, improved moods, ability to cope and a greater sense of happiness.


How do we do this?

  • By making Yoga accessible no matter what your age or general level of fitness - whether just starting out, rediscovering exercise or already very active
  • By providing options and alternatives in poses, sequences and breathing practices - so you can take it further or ease off, according to your goals and how you feel
  • By encouraging you and helping you to tune in and learn to love the wisdom of your unique body
  • By helping you learn how to gradually create more space in your body and breath so it opens at a pace that's right for you
  • By having fun - the most important ingredient of all, bringing your Yoga and spirit to life


"You are so sensitive and kind, including everyone in the class.  I'm sure they all feel as I do that you notice when help is needed and step back to let us find space.  Thank you." Mike


You may be drawn to Yoga for all sorts of reasons - to build flexibility, to manage pain, to de-stress, to relax... perhaps to gain strength or a niggling search for more energy and peace of mind. Whatever your reason, you can be confident that with over 10 years' teaching experience (and 25 years of personal practice) we have the knowledge and experience to help you move in that direction.


Once you're on the path of this intuitive, self-nurturing form of Yoga you will discover a whole ocean of benefits to bring you to optimum health and well-being.


"Yoga brings gifts from the very first day...

at a deep level in your body, mind and even soul. 

Some describe this as a new feeling of lightness or calm or joy."


BKS Iyengar, 'Light on Life' 


Oceanlight Yoga

Bringing ease and joy to body, heart and mind

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