Join me online now

I'm delighted to welcome you to my online community.  Joining me online means you'll not only gain access to exclusive live yoga sessions, but you'll have a whole archive to choose from to practise at your leisure.  As a fan of meditation for creating a more peaceful, joyous life I'm sharing gorgeous guided meditations here too.

  • magical Scaravelli inspired yoga
  • nurturing meditations for peace and vitality
  • harmonising rest and reconnection
  • immune-boosting practices
  • guided yoga nidra for deep inner calm

All sessions are infused with loving kindness and healing light energy. 


Please see below for membership options (to receive ongoing discounts or free membership see Gifted Membership below).  These vary from full monthly membership to simply joining as and when for the live classes.  Select your option and I'll send you a link to the live sessions and access to the private members area as relevant.


If you prefer to pay by bank transfer that will also help me.  My account details are Miss J Poole at Lloyds 309898 account 16923860.  Many thanks and let's get started... NB: do make sure if you are paying offline (direct to me) that you still sign up via one of the options below so I can send you your login details.

If you have any questions, please drop me a note and I'll come back to you. 



If you’re in financial straits due to the Virus - or any other life circumstance - I’m offering 5 free monthly passes each month. To apply, click on ‘drop me a note’ above. You don’t have to provide any details only those you’re happy to. 



1/ Bookings for the month commence when the booking is made and are for the calendar month only i.e. if you purchase a month membership on 16th it will still expire at the end of that month - if you join part way through the month you'll only pay the % remaining e.g. for half a month it's £16 for the full membership and £7.50 for meditation only.


2/Bookings are non-transferable and non-refundable and provided for your private use only (you're welcome to include those living with you, but please be considerate e.g. if you'd like to practice with a group of friends please ask them to purchase their own passes as prices have been kept purposely low).


3/ Bookings for the live weekly classes need to be made by 5pm on the day before at the latest and do not include recorded replay.  


4/ If you have an existing membership with me for 'in person' classes, this will give you automatic access to monthly online membership throughout the Covid 19 distancing period.


5/ If I'm unable to teach I will endeavour to have classes covered by another quality teacher or pre-recorded.  If this isn't possible, you will be entitled to a refund for the missed class(es).  There will be some 'holiday weeks' when I'm away throughout the year and you will be able to choose from a range of recorded sessions during those weeks. 


6/ Rights are reserved to update the terms and conditions from time to time as required.


As I am a small one person business these terms help me to give very best service to you. Thank you.