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Yoga and Sound Healing


When our bodies are opened sensitively with gentle releasing yoga, and sound vibrations are brought into the spaces we've created, magic can occur!  As we leave our rational brains slumbering, the intuitive mind and natural body wisdom comes alive; we create the chance to experience ourselves in a whole new way and to instigate profound healing.


What is Sound Healing

Sound healing works at a cellular level to encourage healing to take place on a mental, emotional and physical level. 


It works on the basis that everything in the universe is energy, which is a natural and constant state of vibration. Everyone and everything has its own unique health vibration, which unfortunately is often knocked out of balance due to the stresses and strains of daily life. 


Sound healing helps bring our vibration back into balance as well as achieving a deeply relaxing alpha or theta brainwave state which can result in a surge of healing, health and happiness throughout your entire being!


What are the benefits

You can look forward to:

  • deep relaxation
  • reduced tension
  • relief from depression and anxiety
  • increased mental and physical energy
  • increased feel good emotions
  • improved clarity and cognition
  • better sleep
  • better balance & focus
  • release of blocked or stagnant energy
  • physical healing e.g. strains/sprains
  • pain relief

During the retreat we will be taking you on a number of beautiful yoga and sound journeys.  Whilst Julia guides you into poses Kate will bring the ancient healing vibrations in, enabling your mind and body to gently let go and sink deeper into a truly gorgeous practice.

What's included

  • 3 x 2 hour yoga and healing sound immersions
  • 2 x 1.5 hour Scaravelli yoga sessions
  • 3 x morning meditation practices
  • 1 x morning toning (using the voice) workshop
  • 1 x blissful candlelit evening sound bath
  • 1 x deeply relaxing yoga nidra with healing sounds
  • Plenty of time to relax, explore or take additional activities
  • 4 x nights accommodation 
  • 3 x light pre-yoga breakfast (fruit, tea, juice)
  • 3 x hearty brunches
  • 1 x breakfast (on departure day)
  • 3 x evening meals (1 evening we eat out in a local restaurant, this is not included in the cost)
  • 3 x simple afternoon snacks/ teas


Optional 'free time' activities (extra costs apply)

One of the beauties of this retreat is to tailor it to your own requirements, making the stay as active or restful as you wish e.g...

- Walking the famous San Vinciente trail adjacent to the retreat centre

- Cycling the nearby trails or to the beach

- Massage either western style or eastern ayurvedic style

- Stand up Paddleboard (SUP) lessons

- Surf lessons on one of Europe's most famous surf coasts

- Horse riding through the fabulous landscape


What to expect

There is a perfect balance of Yoga and Sound Healing, time to relax and time to explore or chat on the deck with your new-found friends.


Those who have been away with us already know how we make a real effort to foster a warm, inclusive approach and encourage everyone to work within their own comfort on any given day.  


All Yoga is led by Julia from Oceanlight Yoga, who has been teaching internationally since 2013 and in the UK since 2007.


All Sound Healing is led by Kate of The Healing Sounds Vibrational Therapy.  Kate's journey with sound healing began in 2012 when she was experiencing chronic fatigue.  After being introduced to the 'om' or 136.10hz frequency tuning fork, and working with it on a daily basis, she found the improvement in her strength and energy quite incredible.  Eager to learn more so she could share this healing practice, Kate trained and qualified as a sound healing practitioner in 2015.  She has been offering workshops, individual sessions and retreats ever since.


Flights and Transfers 

The retreat excludes flight, personal insurance (a pre-requisite to booking) and transfer. Transfer can be arranged by us prior to arrival. 


Flights are to Faro International Airport, to arrive in time for the first session on Sunday evening.  We anticipate pooling together for a shared transfer early afternoon on the Sunday from Faro. More details on booking.


Flights are available from all major and many minor UK and European airports.  NB: If you would like to share UK transport to the airport, please let us know on booking and you will be connected with others as available.


Weather and what to bring

The weather in October is likely to be mild, like a warm British early summer / late Spring day, with temperatures dropping a little at night, so layers are a good idea.  


Further details of what to bring will be sent on booking, but Yoga mats are provided unless you have a favourite one to bring or to layer on top.  

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