About Julia and Scaravelli Yoga

Over many years of experimental practice, teacher training and 1000’s of hours teaching and observing others I’ve developed what others tell me is a very special form of Yoga


The focus is less on 'doing it right' and external shapes and much more about helping you to feel open and free from the inside out.  


"I forget I'm inhabiting a physical form and just

glide through the class.  It is a beautiful transcendence

into utter bliss, I can't rate you highly enough.

Only downside is savasana always seems to come too soon!!!" Jeanette


The magic...

Just one class a week will change your life (a big promise I know!) Based on Vanda Scaravelli's revolutionary teachings combined with my  mindful sensitivity and healing energy, you'll smooth out long-held tight spots, improve your posture, gain strength, poise and a sense of enjoying your body - which ripples into a deeper enjoyment of life itself.  Classes are restful, nurturing and soulful, creating optimum conditions for healing and well-being.


Class members report:

better sleep

better health

improved mobility

reduced stress

improved moods

ability to cope

a greater sense of happines and peace

"You are so sensitive and kind, including everyone in the class.  I'm sure they all feel as I do

that you notice when help is needed and step back to let us find space.  Thank you." Mike