Oceanlight Yoga with Julia Poole

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Yoga in a way you have never felt before - this is not Yoga that tries to get you somewhere or even to change you. This is Yoga that guides you expertly and gently into the place within yourself that is already expansive, open and free. With instinctive and sensitive movement to untangle your mind and body enough so that simply and smoothly, travelling on an exhale, you land. Home. Peace. Bliss.

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"Your teaching is so playful and kind, I fear you have spoiled me for any other teacher now!"

Sky, Yoga holiday participant

Yoga weekends in Cornwall 2024

Would you like to connect more joyfully to yourself and your body with love and kindness? To find a practice that quietens your mind, meets you in your heart and brings light to your soul? 


Then you're in the right place. My Yoga and gentle gatherings offer a way to rejuvenate that's so much more than "doing poses" or "just talking". Your nervous system is over-stimulated and tired of the pushing, striving, forcing that modern life seems to demand. Even in our Yoga we can find ourselves efforting and trying to get places... But like a young child, our bodies, our very souls, crave tenderness. They will respond in beautiful and unexpected ways when we let go of what we think we should be doing and instead explore how we actually want to move, breathe and be. 


That is why I have developed a very special kind of Freedom Yoga based on the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. As you let go the need to do and bring focus to layers of undoing (the knots, resistance and tightness of life) a new pathway opens into ease and comfort. It is exquisitely mindful, deeply honouring and teaches us so much about ourselves and what it is to be human.


From bliss-filled retreats to weekly online classes and Women's Yoga Circles, I'll lead you into a new way of relating with your body, your inner being and path in life. A beautiful chance to experience new joy and delight as well as self-acceptance, clarity and calm.


Curious? Why not come along to a session or dive deep and join me on retreat. You can also contact me here. Plus from 2024 I am also offering immersive Teacher Trainings for anyone who is deeply called to lead transformational retreats. Yoga, pilates, meditation, breathwork and all creative, holistic practitioners welcome. 

Womens Circle Cornwall

Step away from daily life and all its demands, dropping into the warm embrace of heart-lifting locations, incredible food, tender company and a practice that will meet you just as you are. In these deeply replenishing spaces you can unwind like never before, reconnect the lost parts of yourself and breathe in new life. This is my life's work and passion. To hold space for you to uncover, unlock and return to all that you truly are.

yoga retreats 2024

Lake District Yoga Retreat 2 night

The Lagoon, Turkey

Lamorna Cove Cornwall 5 night Yoga retreat June 2023

Lamorna Cove, Cornwall 

Lake Ullswater, Cumbria

Yoga Retreats in Cornwall and the Mediterranean Scaravelli Yoga

"We all love you for your efforts, your unique ability to make each of us feel unconditionally special.

I feel so fortunate to have met you and experience your teaching which has had such an impact on my life."

Laura, weekly class member

For a regular practice, join me online and receive full access to my vast yoga video library plus guided relaxations for better sleep, health and calm.

Private Yoga Oceanlight Yoga Cornwall and Crantock

"I always think you should leave a good yoga class with that smiley woozy feeling you have after a great massage

and this was definitely that kind of experience.

Best not to operate heavy machinery for a while!"

Sophie, day workshop participant

Yoga for beginners and equally for experienced yogis. The advanced practice is the same - to tune in, unwind and find your own natural freedom (moksha). Postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), mindfulness (dharana) and meditation (dhyana) merge together, creating harmony of mind, body and soul.

"And I said to my body, softly 'I want to be your friend.'  

It took a long breath and replied,

'I have been waiting my whole life for this.' "

Nayyirah Waheed

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