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"Your teaching is so playful and kind, I fear you have spoiled me for any other teacher now!" Sky, Yoga holiday participant

**Summer on the Med**
Relax & Revitalise Yoga Retreat
1 - 8 June 2019
Join me in the sub-tropical gardens of this secluded seaside yoga centre for a rejuvenating week of yoga, laughter and tranquility
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"I always think you should leave a good yoga class with that smiley woozy feeling you have after a great massage

and this was definitely that kind of experience.

Best not to operate heavy machinery for a while!"

Sophie, day workshop participant

Oceanlight Yoga creates the space for you to be, softly immersed in your own experience, letting go of daily pressures and tapping into a deeper you, where calmness, comfort and joy have the chance to grow.


Come with me, Julia, on an inward journey to the very essence of yoga. Inspired by Vanda Scaravelli's instinctive approach, you will move your body in ways that feel good, opening gently for your breath and energy (prana) to flow.  Giving room to your mind to let go and rest. A rare and much needed treat in today's demanding life.

Next Yoga Afternoon
Saturday 20th April 2019
~ A mini retreat for the body and soul ~ 

Discover how yoga can go beyond fixed ideas of posture and breath. A place where there is no right or wrong and instead an invitation to feel, sense and find new freedom. A freedom that has been waiting just under the surface for you to glimpse. It is absolutely suitable for beginners and equally valuable for experienced yogis.


Postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), mindfulness (dharana) and meditation (dhyana) merge together in a dance that will lead you towards greater harmony in mind, body and soul.


Want to know more? The only real way is to try for yourself or contact me on 07810 882281 / julia@oceanlightyoga.co.uk

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Essential oils for health & wellbeing

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Not surprisingly, I'm as passionate about overall well-being as I am about Yoga.  I'm proud to be a Wellbeing Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils, the purest oils and in my opinion by far the best you can buy. If you'd like to take control of your health and well-being in a way that's in tune with your nature and nature as a whole, follow the link below to learn more.

"And I said to my body, softly 'I want to be your friend.'  

It took a long breath and replied,

'I have been waiting my whole life for this.' "

Nayyirah Waheed

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Bring the Sparkle back to your life!

Have you lost a bit of zing? 

Maybe your energy levels haven’t been what they used to, sleep can be evasive and worry about family members or life responsibilities are taking their toll. 


You know you’d like to do something to improve things, but you're not sure what. The thought of a new exercise regime or diet fills you with dread. You dream of finding a more balanced, serene and joyful way to live and are sure there must be some other way.


Coming soon... a new 28 day online programme combining mindfulness, yoga breathing, mantra and nature's purest essential oils to bring your life back into balance, from the inside out. 


Through the programme, you will regain a deeper sense and compassion for yourself.  You'll reconnect with what matters to you and leave re-balanced and empowered, equipped with the tools to create positive emotions, energy, vitality and peace of mind.

Oceanlight Yoga

Bringing ease and joy to body, heart and mind

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