Oceanlight Yoga with Julia Poole

Bringing ease and joy to body, heart and mind

online yoga classes, meditation, mini retreats and holidays

"Your teaching is so playful and kind, I fear you have spoiled me for any other teacher now!"

Sky, Yoga holiday participant

Would you like to connect more joyfully to your body with love and kindness? To find a practice that quietens your mind, meets you in your heart and brings light to your soul? 


Then you're in the right place. This Yoga offers a way to rejuvenate that's so much more than "doing poses". 


Working with your body and mind exactly as they are, we'll enter the magical space of what I call Freedom Yoga. Less about doing and more about undoing (the knots, resistance and tightness of life); less about needing to 'get somewhere' and more about finding your way into ease and comfort; the moving towards and away from as important as where we end up.


Together we’ll release tension, gently strengthen and honour the way your body is by nature so that you experience new comfort, poise, and a sense of beautiful ease from within. Soulful movement connecting you to your own natural intelligence and inner wisdom.


From bliss-filled retreats in Cornwall and France, to online classes and workshops, this special yoga brings a new way of relating with your body, your inner being with new joy and delight as well as self-acceptance and calm.

"We all love you for your efforts, your unique ability to make each of us feel unconditionally special.

I feel so fortunate to have met you in my latter years and experience your teaching which has had such an impact on my life."

Laura, weekly class member

Join me online now and receive my bonus collection of short daily practices, full access to my vast yoga video library plus guided relaxations for better sleep, health and calm.

Read what existing online members are loving about it here

For something to look forward to - why not retreat with me in 2021 to my 'covid secure' yoga weekends and week long breaks. All live in person events are covered by my Covid-19 Refund Guarantee, so if for any reason you can't join me due to the pandemic you will receive a full refund.

New for June 2022 is a week at this magical chateau in one of France's most resplendent national parks. A little slice of heaven. Bookings open now.

Scaravelli Yoga Retreat in France Summer 2022

Finally, if you'd like some personal attention, tailoring a session to your own specific needs & wants, why not book a private online session with me. This is a lovely informal way to get your questions answered and your individual needs met, with the option to receive a video recording to replay at your leisure.

Oceanlight Yoga Cornwall and Crantock

"I always think you should leave a good yoga class with that smiley woozy feeling you have after a great massage

and this was definitely that kind of experience.

Best not to operate heavy machinery for a while!"

Sophie, day workshop participant

Yoga for beginners and equally for experienced yogis. The advanced practice is the same - to tune in, unwind and find your own natural freedom (moksha). Postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), mindfulness (dharana) and meditation (dhyana) merge together, creating harmony of mind, body and soul.

"And I said to my body, softly 'I want to be your friend.'  

It took a long breath and replied,

'I have been waiting my whole life for this.' "

Nayyirah Waheed