I'm a member of the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and hold their prestigious 500 hour Yoga Teacher Diploma. Since qualifying I've undertaken around 800 hours of additional training, including masterclasses and private tuition from leading teachers across the world.


The BWY is recognised by Sport England as the UK's national governing body and through them I have a wonderful network for continuing professional development. 


As a qualified counsellor, trainer, mediator, circle facilitator and healer I am fascinated by people and what makes them tick, what lights you up, where you are in pain and what can help to ease you.


Beyond all this, I believe what qualifies us best is being human and dropping into our bodies and breath to find our connection to the earth, to ourselves and to each other.


As you'll know if you come to any class or retreat with me, I spend hours on my mat every week playing, exploring and uncovering deeper and deeper connections within the body, the body-mind, and heart-soul-body-mind connection.   This is part of the essence of yoga as it was originally developed and taught - the art of self enquiry.


If you know or suspect that you're a soul living in a physical body and are curious to find freedom and wisdom within this human experience you'll find my way of teaching will nourish you and help you further on your path. If you're a teacher or practitioner who wants to learn from a supportive and encouraging leader then I am here for you all the way.