Online yoga testimonials

Here's what existing online class members are saying: 


"This morning's practice was very special and moving.  I felt in touch with every bone and cell in my body and the meditation at the end brought tears to my eyes. I was in my special woodland drawing breath from the earth and giving it to the heavens. I shall hold that image with me forever." Sylvia


"The membership area is like having my own health basket with different things to dip into - I love it!" Wendy S


"My hips and heart felt open and free for hours after the practice.  Your words were incredible and inspiring, your direction so easy to follow without even feeling as though I'm consciously concentrating.  Thanks for sharing your amazing talent this way." Wendy A


"Today's yoga blew me away.  I'm going to join the monthly plan now because my body needs what you offer (even though I have another online yoga subscription already!)" Nicola


"I always feel so much energy and so connected when I practice with you.  Thank you again so so much - just what I needed." A


"Just to let you know I'm absolutely loving your pre-recorded sessions, so many to choose from! I love coming home from work and doing one straight away." Jill


"Dear Julia I am flooded with comfort at being met so deeply, accurately, empathically.  You are a spiritual wordsmith / healer and I relate to your every sentence.  I feel renewed faith, self-respect, restored self esteem at the core of my being through your offerings.  My thank you is heart felt and expansive." Linda


"Great yoga session - I enjoyed the feeling of quietness you always bring.  I try not to disturb the sensation for as long as I can" Laura


"Self care was something I used to do once a year as a treat.  This situation has made me re-evaluate everything in my life, a journey that was initially too painful to bear.  I just wanted to say how much you have helped me to feel grateful and more at peace, trusting I'll be OK." V


"I just got up from the best sleep I've had in weeks.  I've really been struggling recently but your session completely released and relaxed me." Laura


"I can't express how wonderful this is. You truly are exceptional and beautiful, thank you" Loraine


"So fabulous to have this online resource available.  I loved the short meditation which has set me up for the day. Thank you." Marilyn

If you have any questions at all, please drop me a note and I'll come back to you.