My story

I've always been sensitive, feeling things more than most and intuiting how others are and what they're experiencing. My desire to help is as much a part of me as breathing. Sometimes it's taken a toll on my own health and as the years have gone by, Yoga has been a steady companion and place of sanctuary from which to draw strength and courage as well as replenishment and joy.


Yoga first entered my life as a teenager (my mum qualified as a Yoga teacher in the 1980's). But like many I didn't give it any serious attention until I needed to. I was in my mid-twenties and enjoying the whirl of a job in fashion marketing. Both exhilarated and tired following a trade fair, I was loading heavy boxes into my car...


Keen to get on the road and tottering on high heels (eek), I bent, twisted and reached. As I heaved the last box off the ground, something went "SNAP!" in my lower back.


Facing a life of restricted movement and a frightening sense of being older than my physical years, something within me rebelled against the medical advice, which in essence was 'don't move'!


That tiny voice grew until I decided to trust my own judgement and find a way to re-mobilise. That way was Yoga.


Then I was in other corporate jobs, trained as a coach, mentor, therapeutic counsellor and in management development. The pressure started to take its toll. Alongside this long-suppressed childhood trauma began to emerge, manifesting in anxiety, burnout and night terrors. Yoga was my solace, oasis and in the end, my salvation. The subtle embodiment and enquiry of Scaravelli  inspired Yoga combined with meditation and mindfulness has literally revolutionised my life. In a way it has saved my life, as Yoga was the place I came back to whilst healing from ovarian cancer in 2020. 


Training to teach over 4 years with the British Wheel of Yoga led me in a whole new direction and finally made the most of my sensitive, spiritual nature, allowing that side of me to grow and flourish in welcome relief. Firstly running weekly classes alongside other employed roles and for the last 10 years as a fully self-employed yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher and coach. In 2023 I added to my skill base with a 4 month training in Circle Facilitation, gaining the UK's first recognised certification.


I am here to share all the richness of my learning and to draw on my experience to empathise with others who are in pain, whose mind is frazzled and soul yearning to be heard.