My story

Yoga has been close since I was a teenager (my mum qualified as a Yoga teacher in the 1980's). But I didn't give it any serious attention until one fateful night in my mid-twenties when, as a vibrant young Marketing Executive, I was loading heavy boxes into my car following a trade fair...


Tired, keen to get on the road and tottering on high heels (eek), I bent, twisted and reached... As I heaved the last box off the ground, something went "SNAP!" in my lower back.


Facing a life of restricted movement and a frightening sense of being older than my physical years, something within me rebelled against the medical advice, which in essence was 'don't move'!


That tiny voice grew until I decided to trust my own judgement and find a way to re-mobilise. That way was Yoga.


Then I was in corporate jobs and the pressure started to take its toll. Yoga was my solace, oasis and in the end, my salvation.  Scaravelli  inspired Yoga combined with meditation and mindfulness has literally revolutionised my life. 


I delight in sharing this learning and drawing on my experience to empathise with others who are in pain or whose movement is limited and minds frazzled or anxious.  Anxiety was such a part of my mental landscape I didn't even realise I could feel differently. 


Over the 25 or more years I've practised, Yoga has always been there for me, a place I can retreat to and reconnect to my natural authentic self, to delight in being a spiritual being in a human body - and a perfect way to make wonderful like-minded life-long friends.


Yoga has also helped me find the still quite voice within that steers me in the direction that’s right for me.  A voice that helped me relieve endometriosis drug-free and to let go of a fast paced city life to create a new more balanced one on Cornwall's beautiful coast.


I hope Yoga can help you too to find a way of life that supports and nurtures you physically, mentally and spiritually.