yoga days and other gatherings

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, like anyone we care for, is time. Often as a woman your needs, even time itself, come at the bottom of a very large pile! By creating and curating tender held space in which you can drop all your responsibilities and return to your true free and replenished self, I hope to support you in topping up your own inner reservoir. This is not a selfish act. Only when you are nourished can give wholeheartedly to those who need you. But it is self-full and can help you to realise that you matter, your needs matter and it's OK to look after you. After all there is only one of you, here in this lifetime.


Below you will find more details about my upcoming mini retreats and soulful gatherings, each created from a place of deep caring within my heart. 


Know that I relate deeply to this "accidental self-neglect". Years of people-pleasing and over giving have at times taken me right to the edge (of burnout, despair and sickness). I have learnt slowly slowly and little by little just how important my own dedicated self care is and what I need. Perhaps those are big words that you feel don't apply to you. It's possible you are one of the rare few who has recognised and actively gives yourself what you need in which case a big yay for you!


Part of my mission is to encourage us all to move at least a little in that direction and to learn to value ourselves enough that we begin not only to take care of ourselves when we start to feel overwhelmed or exhausted, but as a routine practice which models to our daughters, sisters and even mothers that our wellbeing as women is both allowed and vitally important.

mini retreat yoga circles

Mini afternoon retreats that compress the benefits of a longer retreat into a tidy bite sized portion. Includes deep rest, peace and tranquility plus guided meditation alongside nurturing free flowing movement. Suitable for all.

yoga day retreats

Blissful days of rest, recuperation, joyful movement and company. Sumptuous vegan/vegetarian lunch and drinks included, woodland and coast walks, the chance to sea swim, daydream or simply rest and relax.