Yoga Holidays - Cornwall and Mediterranean

"A different life begins and the body expresses a happiness

never felt before.  These are not just words; it actually happens"

Vanda Scaravelli, Awakening the Spine

Yoga holidays and retreats in Cornwall and the Mediterranean

When you long for life to slow down, for time to yourself, time to breathe, let go and truly relax. Time to laugh from the belly, to remember who you are underneath all the to do lists and demands, time to nurture your body in a way that is both fun and deeply soulful then my retreats are for you.


My way of teaching is instinctive and freeing, kind and supportive whilst also having elements to help you to strengthen in the most organic of ways. You will leave refreshed, happier in heart and with renewed confidence and optimism, knowing what you need and how to support yourself going forward.


What we do on the mat and sitting together in warm-hearted circle trickles over into how the whole retreat is designed, which is always tailored to the unique group that gathers. These are not action packed retreats with tight schedules and itineraries, but rather spacious containers that unfold in a leisurely way that is so so good for our over-stimulated nervous systems, fostering deep replenishment and joy. In these volatile and confusing times we need them more than ever.


I choose only venues that I am truly excited to stay in myself. From sub-tropical gardens to breath-taking lakeside and lagoons... And if like me you enjoy wild swimming in spectacular settings, there is always the chance. My yoga retreats have been selected by some of the leading travel and lifestyle magazines as amongst the best in the world. And whilst it's not about accolades, I'm touched to know that the professionals recognise these retreats as something special too.

"Your teaching is so playful and kind, I fear you have spoiled me for any other teacher now!"

Sky, Yoga holiday participant

what's so special about an Oceanlight Yoga retreat

Last year I asked a few willing retreatees to share their thoughts...

"You create such incredible, attuned, deep, alchemical, supportive and accessible spaces.

Except it's not really yoga - it's more magical than that." Nicola


"Your retreats are total bliss, stillness and connection in our busy world. Thank you for all that you do." Heidi


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"Julia is a kind and supportive teacher who helps all to recognise that we are enough and we deserve to nurture and care for our whole selves.

My retreat with her was the exact break I needed - space to just be. So restorative it gave me time to reflect and relax in a beautiful place

with an inspirational and welcoming group." Victoria