The wonder of Scaravelli yoga as taught by Julia Poole

"Yoga must not be practised to control the body: it is the opposite,

it must bring freedom to the body, all the freedom it needs" 

Vanda Scaravelli yoga
Vanda Scaravelli

When I discovered Vanda Scaravelli's approach to yoga it wasn't so much that a light bulb went on in my brain (although it did), but that even after years of practising and teaching hatha yoga, my body immediately recognised this as something new.  Something deeply, wonderfully, nourishing and natural... It was, in the most profound way, a feeling of coming home.

Vanda herself described yoga as a "body holiday" and by that I believe she meant us to feel expansive, joyful, free and delighted. 

The way I convey Vanda's teachings is sensitive and spiritual, developed over many years of training, discovery and time on my mat. 


My journey with meditation and mindfulness practice, as well as energy healing, creativity and poetry underpins and enlivens my teaching too.

When it all comes together it's rather like 'body whispering', dipping below the rational mind and speaking directly to the instinctive body, coaxing it back to life and joy.


It's so subtle yet profound, in a way very small and in another like Alice going through the looking glass and finding a whole new immense and wonderful world.

During my classes, workshops and retreats, you will be guided through circles of gentle movement like ripples in a lake, designed to: 

~ lead you back into balance

~ restore depleted energy

~ reduce pain and inflammation

~ nourish and calm your mind and nervous system  

~ open you to the wonders of your own heart, mind, body and soul in a way you may never have experienced, or certainly not as an adult

"The thing I love about how you teach is the way you've shown me that I don't need to strive. That instead being playful and curious can take my body to places it never could when I pushed and 'tried'... it's been life changing, transformational in fact" Hanna


Too much pressure, stress and the impact of living life at a pace (even when happy) can all deplete your vital reserves and body's natural healing mechanisms.  Unchecked, this can provoke long term health problems, premature ageing and create a mind that is unable to switch off.  This in turn often impacts your sleep and the body's vital night time healing and replenishment, leaving you vulnerable to illness, mood swings, mental unease, short temper, fear and worry.


The Yoga I share offers a gentle and loving way to re-balance in every sense of the word.  


"Magic!  Just magic!" Ellen 

"You've reminded me just how important it is for me to take time out and let go.  It's so easy to get caught up in everything and forget to pause, let alone breathe properly!  Thank you I feel like a new woman" Hannah

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