retreat leaders training - 7 day IMMERSIVE RETREAT

For new and budding retreat leaders

Receive all the support you need to make your dreams come true - from the inspiring setting of our very own transformational retreat in the Mediterranean sun

Do you feel a pull to share more of the skills and knowledge that you've gathered, things that it's hard to do true justice to in your usual classes, coaching sessions or workshops? To connect more deeply and create bigger shifts for your clients?


Do you have a dream, a dream of bringing together a group of your kind of people, to journey together in the setting of a heart-lifting retreat space, where lives can change and souls awaken, where long held patterns have the space for release. A place where laughter fills the air and you are pinching yourself that this is now your life and work?


It's my dream too - for you that is! And for us as a small group gathering for a week of powerful immersion into the business and art of running successful, joyful and memorable retreats that keep people coming back year after year. (That's me in the back centre at the end of a fabulous, profitable and unforgettable retreat in Turkey. Most of these wonderful women have returned time and again, as much a part of my retreats as me!)

how this training will help you

Maybe you've already run a retreat or two but they're not quite flying. They're good, but you know they could be better. Know that something is missing from your marketing or messaging but you're not sure what. Maybe you've not quite found the way to start or feel overwhelmed by all the different aspects to consider.  Sometimes you feel frustrated, sad even, because there's so much more you have to offer and to experience if only you knew how.

  • You know you're here to change lives, in little ways and big
  • You love people and helping others, have a big compassionate heart and so much passion and knowledge for your area of work
  • You long to give more of yourself and at the same time receive a higher level of reward for all the years of training, experience and risks that you've taken to be where you are today
  • You see others jetting off to incredible locations with their groups and yet can't quite find the way to make it happen for yourself

You are quite simply ready - ready to take the next step into designing and launching your own magnificent, memorable and magical retreats. If only you knew how, if only you felt there was a way to do it alongside everything else you have going on and, crucially, if you felt success was assured.

well now you can

Join me for a whole blissful week of talking, breathing and finessing your own magical retreat. All whilst bathing in the beauty and tranquility of the natural landscape of an actual retreat centre - a unique blending of work and relaxation to refresh, inspire and supercharge you.


Coming away from all the usual daily pressures will enable you to give full focus, enhancing everything you learn. Here in the lush landscape with like-minded practitioners, you'll be given:

  • fresh perspective
  • a fast track for your ideas
  • all the nurturing and support you need to succeed

As you release doubts and fears and instead learn from all our mistakes and successes you will feel your confidence surge - no matter how many followers you do or don't have, no matter where you're at in your retreat leader journey or even how long you've been teaching /practising. NB: I ran my first fully booked international retreat when Yoga was my side-passion, I had a tiny email list and was only running 2 regular classes a week. I share this to show it really can be done. 

14 - 21 June 2025

Attempting to do this alone is hard and it can be even harder to get inspired from the mundane setting of your desk or sofa. 


So instead of trying to, wrestling with ideas over a screen or notepad, interruptions and the need to prep dinner, come with me to the delicious warmth of the Mediterranean coast, dip in the pool or lagoon below, reconnect with nature and tune in to your heart's true knowing. Here you'll have all the time and space you need to fully develop your ideas and create the retreat of your dreams - whilst learning first hand about the ebb and flow of retreat energy, the special touches that differentiate outstanding retreats from mediocre ones, all the elements that create the magic (and those costly things to avoid), and of course the huge bonus of recharging your own batteries with some much needed time away. 


Following our short-cuts and insights gained over 10+ years of running multiple sold out retreats all across Europe, you'll leave with

  1. a clear highly do-able plan of action
  2. self-belief, excitement and anticipation
  3. the power to move forward with confidence to be the retreat leader I know you can be!

This immersive and experiential retreat is a unique opportunity to bring your  dreams to life in a way that feels easeful, natural and plays to your innate strengths. We're keeping numbers small so it will be a truly personal experience and are expecting a high level of demand, so please don't hesitate - book your discovery call now so you can take your rightful place as the quality retreat leader you really can be.

"Love calls. Everywhere and always. We're sky bound. Are you coming?" Rumi

Retreat Leader 7 day Course Retreat