Wild Grace Women's Circle

Do you long for a space where you can be fully and authentically you?

Where your emotions are given room and you're free to express your deepest truths, to drop the need to please, take care of and conform?

A place where you are held in tenderness, in sisterhood and warm-hearted connection. A place that welcomes all of you just as you are. 


A place where you can let go of being a (grand)mother, wife, partner, colleague and all the other roles and responsibilities of daily life so you can  find your way back to the essence of who you really are. A place that has the capacity to nourish you in the quietest and most natural of ways. 


I love to hold space for women to connect, express more fully and show up exactly as they are in the depth of their humanness. This will free you to live more in tune with who you really are and how you want to be, always on your terms and at your pace.


My circles are a delicious blend of stillness and rest, freeing movement, meditative contemplation, journalling and sharing. In Circle I bring together all my years of experience with the embodied spirituality of yoga and the nurturing openness of person-centred support. Whilst not being therapy itself the impact is most definitely therapeutic in its value and lasting impact.

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Online Womens Circle for Healing

Join me live in person with a group of like-hearted women to share stories, move gently, rest and be with what arises.

This safe space creates the opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself and with others.



Travelling with curiosity through the portals of the heart, the body and the breath we will meet our deeper truths and let the light of gentle acceptance radiate into any darker spaces or areas of self doubt and judgement. Together we will claim our divine right in being here and defining who we are. 


Whether you are right at the beginning of the journey or well beyond menopause itself, you are welcome to this space. Please note that the focus of these sessions is not medical ie the menopause, but experiential - touching into the felt sense and direct experience of growing older. In this way it echoes the rituals of our ancestors and encourages more natural, instinctive expression.

"From my heart to yours, thank you, for creating the space for us to gather in our beautiful circle last night. It was a new experience for me to be in circle in this way. I came away filled with gratitude for the time spent within the presence of every other woman and also myself in a deeply enriching way." Dana

maximum number: 10 participants

Women's Circle - Wild Grace

Pennans RoundHouse, Mount, Cornwall TR4 9PP

Intuitive Movement, Guided Meditation, Compassionate Sharing and Journalling

2 supported places are offered every circle for those with a low income

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Online Women's Circle


  • Available

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Alone we are tiny boats on a wide and unpredictable ocean; together we navigate to the shores of our own choosing

Stronger, more aligned, replenished and uplifted 


  • Time to rest in peaceful company
  • The opportunity to share as much or little as you like
  • Organic movement to release tension and lift energy
  • A guided meditation to bring you into gentle presence
  • The potential to reflect and journal around transformative questions 

In our busy lives with all their demands, it's rare to have the chance to sink in, connect with what is really going on for you and be held in a circle where nobody judges or even advises... this precious time is offered as a quietly subversive counter to the pace and structures of modern life and as a vital source of energy as we venture into and through the menopause years. 



  • Finding the gifts within the challenges of this phase of life
  • Energy and rest
  • Tending the inner self
  • Recognising your wisdom
  • Self love and compassion
  • Reclaiming who you truly are
  • Acknowledging loss, anger, grief, chaos, uncertainty
  • Honouring the womb and deep feminine beyond our reproductive years


As a 57 year old woman and Ovarian Cancer survivor, I have been on an intense and consciously deep journey into what it means to be me, a woman, in these mid to later stages of life. Some call it the second act, others the golden years but neither of these sits easily with me. It is a time of profound adjustment, of letting go whilst also reaching purposely for what still awaits. At times overwhelming, at others full of unbounded freedom. Until you go through it you cannot really imagine or comprehend what this change will bring. 


My trainings as a circle leader, therapist, coach, mentor, spiritual, meditation and embodiment teacher have given me multiple tools which I now share with others to navigate their own passage. For many years I have worked with women through this phase of life both short and long term, on retreats and at weekly sessions.



I am always most touched when the words that have ached to be spoken are finally set free. When something inside a woman softens and settles or rises up to be felt. In such moments, there is the most powerful sense that she is also setting herself free and from there into new motion. Sometimes years or even decades of limitations are released, sometimes it is more subtle yet just as profound.


Whilst every woman and her experience is completely unique, we also share an undeniable transition in common. Some of us may welcome this, others may fight hard to stave off the change(s). It is beautiful to witness each other in our truths; to learn from and draw strength from a sense of shared experience, allegiance and not needing to pretend. 

"The way you hold space, Julia, the way you enable others to explore and connect to themselves and each other is exceptional.

You've brought so much warmth, humour and depth it's remarkable.  And what's also remarkable

is that these 'ordinary' women have embraced it so wholeheartedly too" Tess 

I invite you to join me in all your wonderful imperfection; to be part of something very tender, primordial and somehow important.

An unassuming revolution, where hearts are softly opened and there is space for truths to be known and heard,

so different from each other and yet beneath everything, so much the same. 

what is circle?

Circle is a way of gathering distinct from other ways we might meet and be with each other in daily life. With echoes of ancestral community and sitting around the communal fire, circle invites us into a space within us that is more authentic and attuned to our natural way of being, relieved of hierarchy, roles and expectation.


If all that sounds grand, think of it as a way to come together just as you are, leaving your usual roles and responsibilities at the door. In circle we are unique yet equal, fully present yet free from demands, caring yet not there to fix or advise others. By dropping into this space, masks can also be dropped, wisdom discovered and the hearts whispers heard within.


We share only what we are called to, knowing that what we say will be held in confidence; we speak without the need to perform or be somehow different from who we actually are in this very moment; we listen with the warmth of a good friend allowing space for each voice to be heard in its true power and beauty.


It is an amazing and transformative experience, certainly for me. It is conscious relating, to ourselves and each other. It is a way of treasuring all that it is to be human.

what to expect

Unlike so many other ways in which humans gather, Circle is a place free of judgement. It is humbling, it is refreshing, allowing us to be more of who we are and less of who we think we should be. We slow down, we let companionable silence be present within the space, we welcome the magic of stillness and the gift of time to speak with an unfettered heart.


My circles are based on my own learnings over 10+ years of holding space for women and deep gratitude for the in-depth Sister Stories training with Gemma Brady, through which I am amongst the first fully accredited Circle Facilitators through CPD UK Certification. 


The format is deceptively simple, allowing room for organic sharing and connection. We arrive, we settle, I will introduce the session and you will be invited to share a little something with the group. Following some light movement and a short guided meditation the space will be opened for everyone who feels called to to speak. As guardian rather than leader, I will sit with you into the heart of the Circle, sharing from my heart, receiving the magic and medicine that we are all there to receive.


Sometimes journalling will precede speaking and at others vice versa. Sometimes a need to pause and rest will arise, at others simply being together may be all the rest we need. It is an organic experience, created together with my intuitive care and attention. 


There are no individual time limits and equally no requirements. When speaking has come to a natural end I will close the circle, checking in with you as to how you are feeling and ensuring you leave gently grounded.


It is my intention that through this circle you feel

  • safe and welcome
  • deeply honoured 
  • heard and valued
  • lighter and perhaps a little enlightened 
  • moved by the stories others share
  • peaceful and relieved of some of the weight you carry in daily life
  • more deeply connected to yourself and to others, to your humanity and to life itself

I myself have experienced time and again the transformative power of Circle. Its ability to bring me home to myself, to untangle seemingly irascible mental knots and doubts, to release emotions that I hadn't even realised were waiting to move through me. Circle is, to me, an increasingly precious and vital part of my life. An effortless way to come into a sense of the sacred within the everyday; a beautiful tonic to the disconnect and seemingly endemic fears and frustrations that surround and inhabit us.


A way to restore faith, lift your spirits, release emotions and bring you home to the gentlest yet most powerful part of yourself.

If you'd like to ask any specific questions before attending or booking you can book a call with me and we can chat it through in confidence.