International Women’s Day Celebration Week ‘WOMAN': Women's Circle with Julia Poole

Monday 11th March 2024. Join me and a small group of sister souls for a tender and nurturing evening in gentle connection with yourself and each other. 


My wish is to provide a safe and comfortable space where you can step away from daily life with all its demands and come home to yourself. Here you can be wholly you, free from judgement and the need to do or be anything different. As women it's rare to have the opportunity to take such precious time out, to be seen, valued and appreciated just as you are. This is such a space. 


Places limited, please book below.

in aid of Cornwall Women's refuge

Womens Circle Image International Womens Day

Women's Circle

Guided Meditation, Compassionate Sharing and Connection

Women's Circle at Lanteague 6.30pm 11th March


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If you prefer to pay me direct rather than via Paypal please email me for bank details.

If payment is an issue please also get in touch as I don't want anyone turned away based on funds.

"From my heart to yours, thank you, for creating the space for us to gather in our beautiful circle last night. It was a new experience for me to be in circle in this way. I came away filled with gratitude for the time spent within the presence of every other woman and also myself in a deeply enriching way." Diana

"The way you hold space, Julia, the way you enable others to explore and connect to themselves and each other is exceptional.

You've brought so much warmth, humour and depth it's remarkable.  And what's also remarkable

is that these 'ordinary' women have embraced it so wholeheartedly too" Tess 

what to expect

It is my intention that through this circle you feel:

  • safe and welcome
  • heard and valued
  • lighter and softer
  • moved by the stories others share
  • peaceful and relieved of some of the weight you carry in daily life
  • more deeply connected to yourself and to others, to your humanity and to life itself

A way to restore faith, lift your spirits, release emotions and bring you home to the gentlest yet most powerful part of yourself.


Unlike so many other ways in which humans gather, Circle is a confidential place free of judgement. It is humbling and refreshing, allowing us to be more of who we are and less of who we think we should be. We slow down, welcoming the magic of stillness and the gift of time to speak with an unfettered heart.


My circles are based on my own learnings over 15 years of holding space for women and deep gratitude for the in-depth Sister Stories training with Gemma Brady.


The format is deceptively simple, allowing room for organic sharing and connection. We arrive, we settle, I will introduce the session and you will be invited to share a little something with the group. Following a short guided meditation the space will be opened for everyone who feels called to speak. I will sit with you into the heart of the Circle, joining in and sharing the magic and medicine that we are all there to receive.


We might pause to journal and sometimes a need to take a breath will arise, at others simply being together may be all the rest we need. It is an organic experience, created together with intuitive care and mindful attention. 


There are no individual time limits and equally no requirements. When speaking has come to a natural end I will close the circle, ensuring you leave gently grounded.

a bit about me and circle

In 2023 I completed 4 months of in-depth Circle Facilitation training with Sister Stories, becoming one of the few fully accredited circle facilitators in the UK. In Circle I bring many years of experience holding space on womens retreats with a deep care for others and a background that includes several years as a person centred therapist. My style is both light and deep, playful and reverent, kind, warm and inclusive.


I am passionate about all things Woman! And love nothing more than creating sacred yet accessible spaces where you can let go of being a (grand)mother, wife, partner, colleague and all the other roles and responsibilities of daily life to find your way back to the essence of who you really are. One of my small superpowers is the ability to nourish others in the quietest and most natural of ways. Through sharing, through laughter and yes sometimes through shedding a few much needed tears.


It's my belief that we need places like this more than ever. With a world that has seemingly lost the plot, it feels ever more vital that we regain ours! I truly think that it's only by coming home to ourselves, pausing to self-nourish, that we can get to live in tune with our own true nature and hear the whispers of our hearts. Then we can be more of who we came here to be, spreading our kindness, our truths and living a fuller life.


If you'd like to ask any specific questions before attending you can drop me an email and we can chat it through in confidence. 

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