Cornwall Yoga Days

"Thank you for such a blissful time.  I so enjoyed it and loved your teaching methods - looking forward to the next one" Wendy

Next Yoga MINI Retreat

Saturday 3rd october 2-5pm, Newquay

This special yoga afternoon will be a refreshing tonic and rare chance to practice in person with a small group of like-minded souls.  There is also something magical about gathering together in presence and I will lead us through a heart-warming and deeply nurturing afternoon.


The session will include:

  • Grounding practices to soothe and release
  • Breathing to open and awaken the heart
  • Clearing of the energetic body
  • Uplifting of the soul
  • Deep guided relaxation
  • Tea and cake (!) 

"Today I am so enjoying walking in balance, totally aware of the ground under the soles of my feet. The sensations resounding within me after the lovely afternoon spent in your special Yoga yesterday continue to be so happy and calming." Liz

"I so enjoyed taking this extra time to really explore things.  I'm amazed how I found new lightness in poses, my body feels really grateful for the experience, thank you" Leanne

5 month "inner revolution" Yoga course

Deepen your practice in the safe, supportive container of a group of like minded souls.  Sessions take place over the autumn/winter - one Saturday per month.  


This wonderful course explores what Yoga really means - to you as well as its ancient origins and modern applications.  The course will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the group, incorporating elements of yoga philosophy, values and impact on the subtle energy body / soul alongside posture and up-to-date natural movement approaches to living yoga. with comfort, ease and grace. 

"This course gave me more than I thought possible right from Day 1.  I've come back into my body but also connected with my higher self and intuition again.  I'm so grateful for your gifts, Julia, I could never have imagined yoga could be like this for me." Av


"I came into this course thinking I knew a lot about Yoga and I've been blown away!  It's opened my mind as well as my body and has led me to what I feel will be a lifelong exploration" Rachel


"What I most wanted was to find a way to develop that elusive home practice.  I didn't hold out a lot of hope to be honest, but to my amazement it's worked - I've found all this and more.  Thanks so much" Hanna

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